Tudor David

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Apr-2018 : Our paper on "Locking Timestamps Versus Locking Objects" has been accepted at PODC 2018.

Apr-2018 : Our paper on "Log-Free Concurrent Data Structures" has been accepted at USENIX ATC 2018.

Oct-2017 : I've moved to IBM Research, Zurich.

Sep-2017 : I've successfully defended my PhD thesis.

Research Interests

Software systems, distributed computing, blockchain technologies.

Short Bio

I'm a postdoctoral researcher at IBM Research Zurich, in the Cloud and Computing Infrastructure Department (Industry Platforms and Blockchain Group). Currently, my main focus is on the design of efficient and fair (byzantine) consensus protocols. Previously, I obtained a PhD from EPFL, in Lausanne, Switzerland, under the supervision of Prof. Rachid Guerraoui. While at EPFL, my research has addressed topcis such as concurrent (and durable) data structures and synchronization, as well as distributed protocols. During my PhD, I also spent time with VMware Research and Microsoft Research. I was a recipient of a Best Paper Award at the ACM Middleware Conference in 2014, and of a VMware academic fellowship in 2015-2016.

You can find a more detailed resume here .

Main Publications

Consensus Inside

Tudor David, Rachid Guerraoui, Maysam Yabandeh. Middleware 2014 (Best Paper Award).

Associated code here.